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6 Creative Back-To-School Campaign Inspirations


Summer has been in full swing for some time and back to school season is almost here. Time is running out to start launching your Back-To-School opportunities. Launching opportunities today will give Fresh Press Media plenty of time to recruit influencers for your specific campaign, as well as give the influencers time to craft the perfect content for you.

Even if your brand isn’t traditionally related to school supplies, think outside the lunchbox. Remember that during this time of year, it isn’t just about K-12 students. College students going back to the dorm or grad school are also looking for great deals on all kinds of back-to-school essentials — from housewares to beauty products to car purchases. Adults attending night school may be looking for solutions to save money and stay organized between school, kids and work.

While influencers are amazing at coming up with creative ways to promote your brand on their own, it doesn’t hurt to come up with a prompt or idea when posting your opportunity. Get the creative juices flowing by using these ideas for inspiration:


What’s In Your Lunchbox? 

Ask bloggers to post their favorite lunchbox essentials — healthy snacks, paper products or even the lunch box itself

Niche: Food, lifestyle, parenting
Platforms to consider: Pinterest, Blog




Back-To-School Outfits For Fall

Hire bloggers who are ready to create and post outfits for back-to-school teens and college students

Niche: Fashion bloggers
Platforms to consider: Instagram





Everyday Makeup Looks For School

Ask bloggers to share their favorite beauty and skincare products (including yours!) for creating makeup looks for school.

Niche: Beauty
Platforms to consider: YouTube, Instagram



Craft Supplies For Parents & Teachers

Request bloggers to create a DIY or craft project for parents and teachers to share with kids. Remember to ask them to include links to your products.

Niche: Parenting, education, kids
Platforms to consider: Pinterest, Blog




Auto Resources

Consider asking influencers to discuss car buying resources for college students (if you’re an auto loan company) or if you are a travel website or offer rental cars, ask influencers to discuss options for renting a car.

Niche: Travel, lifestyle, parenting, financial, auto
Platforms to consider: Blog



School Survival Kits

Ask influencer to include something from your brand — it can be anything! Snacks, lip balm, posters, books, accessories, or anything else that could be found in a backpack or locker. Be sure they include photo features and links to purchase from advertiser site

Niche: Parenting, educators, fashion, kids
Platforms to consider: Blog, Instagram, Pinterest



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