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Advertisers, Start Planning Your Q4 Campaigns Today


September is in full swing, and Labor Day has already passed us. With just a few weeks until the beginning of Q4, it’s time for advertisers to start getting those influencer campaigns together for shopping season.

We recommend allowing at least six weeks for your campaign to start and finish. This timeline allows influencers time to receive your product, take photos or videos, and create the surrounding content. Allowing ample time can result in much better content than a rush job, so be sure to plan accordingly. It also allows you to hire the best influencers before their editorial calendar fills up.

Begin by referring to a checklist for designing your campaign, and then Part 2 of the checklist which prepares you for launching your best Marketplace opportunity.

Looking for creative ways to get influencers to spread the word about your products? Here are a few ideas for the holiday season:


Promote lesser-known holidays


It’s easy to focus solely on Black Friday and Christmas. These holidays are huge for retailers! However, finding a niche event or holiday during this season may resonate more with your target audience. Think about Singles’ Day, Boss’s Day, Festivus, Veteran’s Day, or other events such as big movie releases (Fantastic Beasts, anyone?) Allow the influencer room for creativity and promote these in between bigger holidays.


Sponsor a gift guide


Gift guides are fantastic for a hybrid influencer and affiliate campaign. We often recommend these at Fresh Press Media, and with good reason! It’s a great way to showcase your favorite items, and allows influencers a simple introduction to incorporating affiliate links into their content. Many people look to gift guides for inspiration during the shopping season. You can create gift guides for almost any theme imaginable, which makes it flexible enough to suit a wide variety of brands and audiences.


Plan Your Deals in Advance


If you want a seasonal coupon code or discount to give away, make sure you plan it well in advance. This gives you time to share it with influencers, so they can start ramping up interest on social media or their blog. Additionally, if you plan to post these offers on an affiliate network, it gives our team at FMTC ample time to process those deals so publishers can grab them as soon as they go live. Last, it saves you from scrambling at the last minute. If you plan in advance, you can kick back and know your campaign is unfolding as you take a holiday break.


Ready to Begin?


Once you’re ready to create your holiday campaign, be sure to visit Fresh Press Media and create an account. We’ll walk you through the process of creating your first opportunity, and publish it to our community of influencers. We’ll help you get your Q4 influencer campaigns off to a powerful start!