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It’s that time again, to set our business goals for the year ahead. The excitement that accompanies a new year is invigorating! But let’s be real, that excitement doesn’t last the entire year. We’re lucky if it lasts an entire month! Let’s not rely on that excitement alone to propel us closer to our 2018 goals. This post will help us put a strategy into place to execute goals and see our plans through to fruition.

Learn 5 Important Steps to Execute Goals in 2018

We talked a lot about different strategies to help us execute our goals in the year ahead on our Twitter chat, #FreshChat. There were a lot of great ideas, my favorite being, “Just do it!”

All the planning in the world won’t matter if we don’t put in the hustle, put in the work. So, once these first 5 steps are finished, let’s take some action!

Step 1: Write Down Your Goals

Writing down our goals is a really important first step. We are more likely to work toward something that we can see. That being said, don’t just write down goals and stick them away in a drawer somewhere. Display them somewhere visible, on a bulletin board, refrigerator, or create a wallpaper for your computer screen. Keep your goals displayed in front of you throughout the year.

Step 2: Determine How You Will Measure Your Goals

Goals should be specific and measurable. If you have a large, more general goal, be sure to create smaller goals that act as landmarks along the way to achieving the bigger picture. Breaking down your BHAG (big harry audacious goal) into smaller steps will help you stay focused and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

Step 3: Assign a Deadline

Every goal, and every goal within a goal, needs to have a deadline. Otherwise we can put it off for as long as we’d like. Be sure to set an end-time so you can check your progress and make adjustments as necessary. This will help you to stay on track or make course corrections if needed.

execute goalsStep 4: Create an Action Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Put steps into place. Create daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that will help propel you toward your goals. Then go do them. Start now.

Step 5: Celebrate Success

Don’t be tempted to skip this step. Celebrating your successes is positive reinforcement and will build your confidence to tackle your next big goal. Reward your hard work with some type of a celebration. Determine this in advance to give yourself something to look forward to when you reach your goal!

I came across an article recently about how to use Trello to track your goals. I really enjoyed the article and put a lot of her tips into practice. What I found most helpful was the amount of detail she put into setting her goals. For each goal she created a Trello card and included the following information under each goal:

  • Why – why are you setting this goal?
  • Obstacles – what might stop you from achieving your goal?
  • Encouragement – what words will help encourage you?
  • Visualization – what will a successful journey look like?
  • Resources – what resources will help you achieve your goal?
  • Measurements – how will you measure success?
  • Celebrate – how will you celebrate success?
  • Habits – what habits can you cultivate to propel you toward your goal?
  • Action Steps – what action steps do you need to complete?

The list covered every aspect of what we would need to move in the direction of reaching our goals. It took some thought and time to go through and answer all the questions for each one of my goals. But, I feel much more prepared to tackle them.

Let’s head into 2018 with confidence! Wishing you a successful year and an enjoyment of the journey ahead!