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Fresh Press Media isn’t new to the affiliate space. Our parent company, FMTC, specializes in aggregating affiliate content and making it available to affiliates through a series of services and tools. As a blogger, the number of steps you need to take to launch a successful affiliate marketing campaign can be overwhelming. The workload of joining programs, finding links, creating images, and tracking performance is a full-time job on top of all the other tasks you complete each day interacting with your community.

Introducing Hybrid Opportunities

The benefits of using affiliate links in your content are worth the time it takes to implement them if you have all the pieces of the puzzle working together seamlessly. Fresh Press Media aims to simplify that process for you and sweeten the deal with our new hybrid opportunities in the marketplace. Hybrid opportunities are designed to provide you with moderate placement fees upfront, yet allow you to continue to earn commissions for years to come. Many of these posts can be recycled over and over again without limiting your earning potential.

A couple weeks ago we tackled the topic of affiliate marketing in one of our #FreshChats. Here’s a brief recap that will help you implement your first hybrid opportunity successfully.

How Often Do You Include Affiliate Links on Your Blog?




Affiliate links are different from paid placement opportunities in that they blend in more naturally with your content. It is less intrusive, and if you’re doing it right it’s helpful, to share an affiliate link in every post. If you’re providing your readers with a recommendation on something you use frequently they will appreciate the ease at which they can find the item you’re referring to.

How Do You Present Your Affiliate Links to Your Community?





The amount of success you achieve in the affiliate space largely depends on the products or services you choose to present to your community. Affiliate links should be in line with the content you publish and appear naturally within your posts. Don’t force a fit to earn a dollar, it won’t work. Here’s a great tip from our affiliate partners over at ShareASale.

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Pinpointing the type of products and services you would like to offer your community prior to reviewing hybrid opportunities will allow you to quickly determine if the opportunity is a right fit for you.

How Do You Promote Your Affiliate Opportunities Across the Web?




Linking text within your blog post is a great way to share an affiliate link, but you should also let your reader know it’s there. Promoting your article on social media while tagging the brand or merchant who’s product your promoting is a great way to gain exposure and build rapport. Also, consider including these links in your email newsletter so your community can quickly and easily access the information without having to click through multiple links. The more familiar you are with your community, the more successful your affiliate campaign will be. Work in links to products or services that compliment the content that is already performing well on your blog. These links will turn your evergreen content into income well past your initial publish date.

Be sure to include a proper disclosure statement when using affiliate links in your content. For a limited time, the PMA is offering their FTC Disclosure Whitepaper for free. Go grab a copy!

Your Affiliate Liaison

Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be an all-consuming endeavor. Let us help you simplify the process. Check out our new hybrid opportunities in the marketplace. If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help you navigate through the ups and downs of affiliate marketing and hybrid opportunities.