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Attend a Blogger Conference to Grow Your Business

It’s time to bring your blog to the next level, how will you do that you ask? The best way to network, grow, and get your blog to that next level, no matter where that may be, is attending a blogger conference.

What conference you attend really depends on your needs. Are you trying to grow your views, master social media, or monetize? For me personally, my first conference was a Type- A Parent Boot-Camp, this was a simple one day conference and didn’t come with the price tag many conferences do. It was also close enough to home that I didn’t have to get a hotel room, unless of course I wanted one. When you are a new blogger funds aren’t flowing, research the best conferences in your area for your needs. Even if you only attend one conference you will walk away with a huge knowledge base to grow your blog.

Here is a list of a few of the best conferences for new and experienced bloggers:

Dad 2.0 Summit

February 18-20 2016 Washington, DC

The Dad 2.0 Summit is an open conversation about the commercial power of dads online, and an opportunity to learn the tools and tactics used by influential bloggers to create high-quality content, build personal brands, and develop business ideas.

Mom 2.0 Summit

April 27-29 2016 Dana Point, California

Meet smart people. Hear success stories. Discover what’s working. Discuss ways to create smarter creative content, impactful web-based marketing, as well as new programs, people, and platforms that engage your audience and build relationships.

Blog U

June 10-12 2016 College Park, MD

The Blog University (BlogU) Conference ™ is a networking and educational opportunity for bloggers and authors who are looking to improve their writing skills, expand their social media reach, learn how to get published, or just connect with other bloggers. There is a high concentration of speakers from the mom, humor, and lifestyle niches.

Blog Elevated

October 21-23 2016 Houston, TX

Once a year the community of bloggers gathers to dive even deeper, learn more, and get the skills they need to blog better during Blog Elevated Conference.

Type A Parent Conference

October 27-29 2016 Orlando, FL

You will get to know brilliant bloggers and beloved brands. Type-A has a welcoming community, who hear time and time again how their conference has no cliques and newcomers feel embraced by the alumni. Type-A also attracts some amazing brands as sponsors, with past brands including Disney Parks, Johnson & Johnson, St. Jude, California Raisins, HP, Dodge, Beech-Nut, iRobot, Little Debbie and Bing, just to name a few. Attendance is capped and the setting encourages everyone to really get to know one another, and not simply pass business cards in a rush.

Of course this is just a peek at all of the great blogging conferences available in 2016 to grow your blog. Do your research and find the conference that is best suited for your site and your content. Where will I see you in 2016?