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Using Instagram to Optimize Your Influencer Campaign


Instagram has been named the top social media platform for influencer marketing by multiple sources. A recent article by AdWeek discusses the idea that Instagram dominates influencer marketing. “Nearly all of the survey respondents said Instagram was their No. 1 platform for influencer work, citing community and opportunities to connect with brands as the driving factor for  this choice.”  Kimberlee Morrison, AdWeek (Follow on Twitter)  

An article by Forbes agrees with the sentiment in Why Instagram Is The Top Social Platform For Engagement (And How To Use It). The article states that, “…the number of advertisers on Instagram has doubled over the past six months or so, to more than one million, in part due to the fact that Instagram is now considered the best social media platform for customer engagement.” Jayson DeMers, Forbes (Follow on Twitter)

It doesn’t stop there. The article goes on to describe some reasons for Instagram’s popularity — including its appeal to younger audiences, ability to edit images in-app and post “on-the-go”, and a simplified interface that allows for a variety of uses. It’s worth noting the “cons” as well — one of which is the inability to add links directly within your post. To optimize your influencer campaigns on Instagram, there are ways to combat this. The article recommends action steps towards more engagement, such as adding CTAs or learning photography basics, which can enhance the audience’s experience with the campaign.


What does this mean for an advertiser?


It could be worthwhile for advertisers to focus on Instagram for high-quality images and creatives to share. Additionally, advertisers with their own Instagram accounts can easily maximize exposure for hired influencer posts. Liking, sharing or reposting influencer-generated content can easily be done on Instagram, and it’s likely more convenient for advertisers than with a blog post or other social platforms. An advertiser can easily tag and repost influencer content on their own account, and an influencer can generate creative content for an advertiser. Tagging the advertiser’s page can boost exposure and generate more “likes” for the advertiser’s page. So, not only are advertisers likely to find highly influential Instagram users to share content, but they have a great opportunity to increase exposure for their own social media accounts as well.

In the Marketplace, consider launching an opportunity specifically for Instagram. Let influencers come up with their own graphics and photos, or provide them with your own creatives. Note that supplying your own creatives requires less effort and creativity on the part of the influencer. It may get you a cheaper price, but it lacks the unique authenticity that people have come to expect from influencer marketing. Additionally, some influencers may prefer their posts reflect their own style as opposed to a generic creative supplied by a brand.


Get More for Your Money


Social media campaigns offer another bonus: You can get more for your money by spending it on Instagram versus a blog. Rates may run lower for posting one image than creating an entire blog post complete with 400+ words and several high quality images. Sharing one image with a caption of 100 words or less (and a number of effective hashtags) can be just as effective but take less time. Instead of spending $350 for a blog post reaching 10k viewers, consider spending the same amount for an Instagram post reaching 40k followers.*

*These fees are just examples. Influencers and advertisers should negotiate rates that both parties are happy with.

Real Life Example


Consider the following media kit. This is from a fashion influencer currently in the Marketplace who was recently hired to do a blog post with social shares. Looking at her stats, you can see her Instagram reaches over twice as many people as her blog or other social outlets:



The influencer did complete a fantastic blog post with beautiful photos, but it really took off once she posted it on her Instagram. While her blog post has not received any comments so far, her Instagram post received 701 “likes” and 83 comments (and counting!) She also tagged the advertiser’s own Instagram account as well, potentially creating more engagement for their social page as well.



Social media is powerful and makes engagement simple and easy. Think beyond the term blogger, and think about the term influencer instead. Influencers have potential everywhere, not just on a blog post.


What suits your brand best?


Knowing your target audience will also help you narrow down the right platform.  Instagram incorporates a large amount of shorter video content as well as images. Video content is huge — so if you’re also interested in video content, consider creating Marketplace opportunities for videos and not just photos. Video reviews or tutorials can gain a lot of attention from the audience.

If your campaign has focused on just blog posts for too long and fallen flat, maybe it’s time to switch it up. Consider leveraging the top trending social platforms to reach a new level of brand awareness.