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Type-A Vegas was A-Mazing!

Type-A Vegas couldn’t have come at a better time with the release of our new Marketplace. The conference kept its focus on the growth of influencer marketing and the importance that each of us know our own value within that space. Jamie Lieberman & Danielle Liss set the tone for the day with their talk about “Playing Hardball”.

Know Your Value

Danielle began by teaching us how to calculate the value of our posts and social shares by determining the potential impressions each of them will receive.

Blog Unique monthly visitors + Relevant Social channel Followers = Total Potential Impressions

There are many factors to consider when negotiating a price for your paid placement. Along with your potential impressions, it’s important to consider how many people are going to see your published content and how much time you’re going to spend on creating the content for the project.

Be specific about your pricing structure. Look at each individual component and assign a standard price for that piece of content. Whether it’s a Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram post, determine a value for each element so when they’re packaged together you’re prepared to negotiate your price point. Track how well your sponsored content performs so you can relay that information to the Advertiser.

Be Willing to Negotiate

Jamie followed up with a compelling and crucial talk about negotiations. She began by asking us who likes to negotiate? I have to admit that I was not the first one to shoot up my hand. In fact, I didn’t raise my hand at all. Negotiations of any kind tend to make my palms sweat. But, we work in a space where it is critical for us to know our value, determine where we can be flexible, and be confident in our decision to walk away.

Here are Jamie’s top 10 tips for negotiations:

  1. Just ask
  2. Listen
  3. Do your homework
  4. Be willing to walk away
  5. Be patient
  6. Be optimistic
  7. Focus on the other side
  8. Show the other side how you will meet their needs
  9. Don’t give away anything without getting something in return
  10. Don’t take things personally

Type-A Parent thinks outside the box and offers an interactive conference experience that helps you apply what you learn to your own strategy, right there among fellow influencers. The speakers are always amazing, but the break-out sessions are unique to the bootcamp experience. The following round-table sessions helped the conference take on even more of a personal feel.

  • Mastermind Sessions – In my opinion, the mastermind sessions are what set Type-A Parent apart from other conferences I’ve attended. These sessions provide an opportunity to sit down with your peers and discuss personal pain points and solutions for your business. Each of us walked away with a list of action steps that would help us reach our next goal, or hurdle a recurring obstacle.
  • Expert Round-tables – Content marketing is a fast-paced industry that is constantly changing. New social platforms, as well as improvements to the tried and true, are popping up daily. The expert round-tables at Type-A allow us to learn from the brave souls who’ve jumped in feet first. They are learning, embracing, and succeeding within these outlets. Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about Blab, Podcasting, Webinars, and many other platforms they could use to connect with their community and grow their business.
  • Networking Round-tables – Rachel and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet so many influential bloggers at our networking round-table. Fresh Press Media is positioned perfectly within the influencer marketing space to help influencers reach out to Advertisers and increase their income. We are really looking forward to connecting with influencers and being part of their growth process throughout 2016 and well into the future.

Your Next Conference

Every time I return from a Type-A Parent event I check the website to find out when I can attend the next one. The information and connections that accompany their events are invaluable. When determining which conferences you are going to attend this year (and I highly recommend you attend at least one) consider Type-A Parent. They are game changers.

If you haven’t had a chance to do so, come check out our new Marketplace where we are connecting Influencers and Advertisers in a simple, transparent environment. Sign up, create a media kit, and begin connecting with Advertisers right away. Once you’ve created your account, we will email you when a new paid placement opportunity is available. We’re looking forward to connecting with you in the Marketplace!