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Monetizing your blog includes learning how to maximize affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is a proven way to earn through blogging successfully. Imagine having catalogs of 1000’s of products available to promote, sell and earn a percentage of the sales. That’s affiliate marketing. And, although that may sound simple, you need some kind of strategy if you want to market these products successfully.

Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Do you sometimes feel like there’s some secret that successful affiliate marketers do, but aren’t willing to share? The secret is in their strategy. They plan and perform certain steps. And, these steps maximize affiliate programs.

#1 Having the Right Content

Having the right content is vital to blogging. Look what kind of traffic and engagement your posts receive. Ask your audience in surveys or questionnaires for feedback. Listen to what people’s needs are when networking on social media. Find those topics where people need solutions to problems. Balance this with topics you are interested and educated in. It might be making meal preparation easier. Or maybe they need ideas to sleep better. There are always problems people need help with finding a solution. Luckily, they have you to point them in the right direction.

Take those problems and use them to create an editorial calendar. Plan ahead for the next 3-6 months what topics your blog will focus upon. Take advantage of holidays, seasonal trends to tie ideas together. Create a variety of types that make your audience want to read your every word. Social Examiner suggest 12 types of blog posts. You certainly don’t need all 12 but choose some to have a variety of blog posts types.

#2 Choosing the Right Affiliate Programs

It can become overwhelming when choosing which affiliate programs to join. There are 1000’s of companies to decide which you want to promote. Look for companies that fit with your beliefs and standards. For example, if you are a strong supporter of using natural, organic products, then you want to make the affiliate programs you join align with that.

Look at the program details, what commissions you earn, if they offer incentives. Do they offer samples or discounts for you try their products? How does their promotional media look? Do their products and services have good reviews? These all can help you in comparing programs and choosing the best ones for your blog. Develop a relationship with the company through correspondence and partnership. They will appreciate your dedication in assisting their marketing, possibly offering a sponsorship or increases affiliate commissions. Just as you can increase earnings on paid opportunities by joining an affiliate program, you can start as an affiliate and then pitch for paid opportunities.

#3 Having the Right Marketing Methods

Some bloggers try to earn money by signing up for some affiliate programs and then slapping the ad banners on their blog. Then they wonder why they never get any sales. Marketing to maximize affiliate programs is much more than that. Imagine each of those products you’re planning to promote were your own products. How would you market them in a way that makes your readers want to purchase them? It’s been researched a person needs to see a product 5-12 times before they decide to buy it. Consider this when choosing the number of products or number of companies featured in posts and elsewhere on your blog.

Remember earlier when I recommended having a variety of post types? Use this to feature a company’s products or a particular product in multiple posts. It’s not about the quantity of products you feature on your blog. Instead it is the quality in which you promote them and how well the products match with your audience’s needs. Think of your editorial calendar and marketing plan as part of an ad campaign for those products. Look at how and where you can share about these products in a way that is genuine, tasteful, and attractive to your audience. Instead of feeling spammed with advertising, they will appreciate you sharing these products with them.

In conclusion, remember these three secrets: plan your content to solve problems, pick affiliate programs that solve the problems while matching your standards, and lastly, treat your marketing seriously with a solid promotional plan.

Written by Katharine Godbey

Katharine is the creative mind of PrimMart.com. Since she was a teen, she’s designed and sold her own product lines, assisted entrepreneurs with blog design and marketing strategy, and been involved in blogging and internet marketing. She has a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs succeed in making their business dreams become reality.

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