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How to Use Influencer Marketing to Boost Your Brand’s Social Presence


Influencer marketing has grown significantly over the past several years and is expected to continue to grow. Most brands are aware of the buzz surrounding influencer marketing. Additionally, many brands are acquainted with running campaigns and sponsoring blog posts to boost brand awareness or attempt to drive sales. However, brands may be missing one unique way to leverage influencer marketing: building their social media presence. 

Sponsoring a post is probably the most common way to gain attention for a brand on social media. Whether it be Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook, paid social posts are a trendy way for brands to build awareness. However, there are a couple of other ways to leverage this even further to gain the best results.


Ask the Influencer To Tag Your Brand’s Social Media Accounts


Rather than just posting about your brand and directing traffic to your website, try a new approach. Ask the influencer to post about your brand, but tag your social media account and let their audience know where to follow you. Hopefully, you can not only gain attention through the influencer post but gain new followers who will see your posts on a longer-term basis and potentially drive more sales.


Request Rights to Redistribute Influencer Content


If you’ve paid an influencer to create content for you, we recommend requesting the rights to distribute the photos or graphics through your channels. Many influencers will merely complete a one-time social media post unless they are a brand ambassador or agreed to a series of posts. Reuse the content yourself by incorporating it into your marketing or social media campaigns. This method works exceptionally well if the influencer has done an original photo shoot featuring your products.


Engage With Sponsored Posts And Activity


Sponsored posts can result in a lot of questions and comments about the product on social media. You can use this opportunity to engage with potential customers by answering their questions or provide additional details about your product. Not only do you make sure they receive accurate information, but it lends a personal touch and shows you value their experience. The potential customers may end up following your account and engaging with you directly and may increase conversions in the long run.


Think Long-Term With Influencer Marketing


Many brands view influencer marketing as they do affiliate marketing. They run an influencer campaign featuring a short-term sale that expires in a matter of days. This strategy may be useful with affiliate or coupon sites, but influencer marketing tends to grow more organically and yield results in the long run. Incorporating both influencer and affiliate marketing into your brand’s overall strategy will ensure you don’t lose focus on your long-term plan even while converting sales through affiliate links.