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You found the perfect Opportunity for your personal brand in the marketplace. You’re confident it will resonate extremely well with your readers. Excitement builds as you think about all the great ways you can present the opportunity on your blog and your social profiles. So, you take the plunge and send off a bid to the advertiser. Does your bidding process stop there? It shouldn’t.

When working in the Marketplace, take advantage of the features available to set yourself apart from the competition. We’ve provided you with tools designed to help you communicate directly with the advertisers in your niche. Maintaining a fluent stream of communication from the start through to the completion of a campaign is imperative to the success of the campaign and for fostering longstanding relationships.

So, you’ve submitted a bid. What’s next?…

Message the Advertiser

Don’t skip this step, guys. It can be the difference between getting hired for a gig or being passed up completely. Let the advertiser know why you would be a good fit for their opportunity. Resist the urge to shoot over a generic message like, “I would love to be considered for your opportunity and I’m excited to work with you!” While that’s a polite little note, it doesn’t qualify or quantify your ability to promote the product or brand. Stand out in the marketplace by incorporating the following tips when messaging an advertiser:

  1. Get to Know the Product – Do a little research. Each product line has a profile containing website and social links to the advertiser. Open those links. Take a look at what they’re offering and promoting. Find specific ways they’re trying to reach their target audience.
  2. Meet a Need – Once you’ve discovered what you need to know about the product line you’ll be promoting, let the advertiser know how you will meet their needs. Share how you can help them reach their goals.
  3. Connect them with Your Audience – Advertisers want to know how your audience will respond to your content about their product line. Share less about you and more information about your audience.

Put yourself in the shoes of the advertiser. If you were paying someone to promote you, what information would you find useful when interviewing candidates? Take the extra step to provide that information.

Your success in the Marketplace is important to us. Feel free to reach out with any questions or let us know how everything is going! We want to hear from you.