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I’m guessing a lot of you are like me… you are BUSY. Balancing your own workload, managing your children’s school and activity schedules, getting meals on the table every day, keeping up your house and yard, taking care of the pets, and remembering to buy gifts and snacks for every little event… leaves you barely enough time to eat, breathe and sleep. It also leaves you with far less time to do the things you want to do with your blog. Your to-do list seems like an ever-growing monster. A few things get done on time, some never get done, but most of it gets done even though it’s a little bit late.

When Busyness Interferes with Your Business

We’re all so busy that we’ve learned to accept that a lot of things just aren’t going to get done on time. Your daughter is going to be a little late to her friend’s birthday party because you’re dropping her off after picking your son up from practice. Your grass is going to be a bit overgrown this week because nobody can get around to cutting it until the end of the week. We do the best we can and resolve to be okay with that.

On the flip side, we’ve learned to accept and plan around those things that have to be done and on time, or there’s no point in doing them at all. Like the kid that has to be at the field before the first pitch is thrown, or he can’t play in the game. Or the dry cleaning that has to be picked up before closing time because you or your hubby need the clothes before getting on a plane the next morning. If you’re late dropping off the kid, or you’re late getting to the dry cleaners – you may as well have just stayed home. He’s not playing and you’re not getting those clothes.

The same holds true for that running to-do list for your blog. There are some things that you have to just accept aren’t going to get done in the time-frame you’d like, and other things that have to get done by a certain time, or you may as well not do them at all. When you’re working with your own list of goals, those priorities are completely up to you. But, when you’re working with advertisers, it’s going to take some communication to determine which projects have to be done by a certain time, or shouldn’t be done at all.

An Example of Late Work Leading to Trouble

Let’s look at some examples from an advertiser that many of you have worked with in our marketplace: Indian River Select Juice. They’ve run a few promotions over the last year and a half. Most of them have been fairly open-ended and the brand was great about stretching out deadlines for recipe blog posts and product reviews.

Recently, however, they had a few promotions that were incredibly time sensitive. They asked influencers to announce the availability of a new juice at a few select stores. The juice was only available in those stores for a limited time. So, if an announcement was made after that time, not only did it do no good for the brand, it actually caused harm.

Unfortunately, we saw this play out when a few of the influencers decided to complete the work past the deadline. Consumers went to the stores looking for the juice, only to find that it wasn’t there. They complained to the stores and to the brand, “I just heard about this yesterday – how is it already off the shelves?”

This put the brand in a tough spot. They had disappointed customers and store partners that questioned their ability to properly manage a campaign. And, unfortunately for all of us, it made the brand question whether or not influencer marketing was a channel they could rely on.

So… I thought it would be helpful to share some tips on how to handle scheduling projects with an advertiser.

Steps to Take When You Miss a Deadline

Here are some things I hope you’ll consider:

1 – Know the deadline. Don’t agree to a campaign until you know when your work is due.

2 – Communicate. If you know you’re not going to make the deadline, let the advertiser know. Ask them for an extension.

3 – Don’t complete work past the deadline without a confirmed extension.

4 – Handle gig (project) cancellations with grace. If you’ve missed the deadline and an advertiser asks to cancel the gig, politely ask for an extension if you’d like, but accept the fact that they have every right to say “no”.

5 – Apologize. The circumstances may have been completely out of your control. Advertisers understand that things happen and that sometimes work can’t get done. But, they appreciate the influencers who take responsibility and apologize for missing the deadline. They even hire those influencers again.

6 – Don’t make excuses. The reason “why” you missed the deadline might be really important to you – but consider it from the advertiser’s standpoint. Whether you forgot to do the work, you didn’t have the motivation to get it done, you had something else take priority, you had a family emergency, or you yourself were hospitalized and unable to communicate… the result is exactly the same for the advertiser. They wanted work done, you didn’t do it. Again, take responsibility, ask for an extension and graciously accept their decision.

Overall, showing advertisers that you care about deadlines and respect their time will go a long way in creating long-term relationships and a stellar reputation.

We are here to support you as you work throughout the marketplace. If you ever need assistance reaching out to an advertiser or are stuck on a gig you’ve been hired to complete please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us through our support desk, send us a tweet, or reach out in our Influencer Only Facebook Group. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line.