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Marketplace Directories

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As an influencer you may notice a new “Advertisers” menu item in the sidebar. We added a page for you to browse through our growing community of advertisers. Feel free to search through our directory, view detailed information about individual advertisers, and reach out to them if you have an idea for a new opportunity!


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As an advertiser, you will notice some new menu items in the top bar of the marketplace: “Influencers” and “Opportunities”. Clicking on “Influencers” brings you to our influencer directory. Here you can browse through our community of Influencers. Feel free look deeper into their brands and reach out if you think they would be a good fit for an opportunity of yours.


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Visit the “Opportunities” page as an advertiser to view the currently available opportunities in the marketplace. This gives you a chance to review opportunities from other advertisers and see how your’s compare. Also, this is a great place to review an opportunity you have recently published. Keep in mind, what shows up on this page, shows up in front of Influencers.


Public Opportunity Pages


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In the days of old, opportunities could only be shared and viewed by Fresh Press Media users. We’ve now opened them up to be viewed publicly. For advertisers, this means your opportunities will be seen by a much broader audience of influencers. Visitors will of course have to sign up to view further info and bid on opportunities.


Access to Support

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We work very hard to provide a seamless and smooth experience for our users. However, we know we’re not perfect. If you get stuck on something, find a bug, or simply want to reach out with a suggestion, contacting us for support has just gotten easier. Head to the drop down menu in the top right of your screen to access our support system and get the answers you need, fast.

We are working hard to continuously improve your experience. As always, feel free to email us your ideas and suggestions. Stay tuned for more new and exciting things next Month!